a braided rug can bring so many benefits to your home

The roles of the carpets and the area rugs are pretty much similar to the role of the curtains for the windows. These rugs and carpets dress up the floor giving it more life and define the different spaces and areas more. They also contribute to other factors such as keeping the house dirt-free.

I myself cannot imagine living in a house without rugs or carpets. However even with the benefits of the rugs and carpets, I can’t really say that I find all the types of rugs or carpets ideal for my home. Among the different types of rugs, I would say the best would be the braided rugs.

Nothing beats having a braided rug that can warm up any floor. One of the things that I really like about these braided rugs is the effect they have. They bring a kind of earthy, nature like feel to any space without being too loud and atrocious. Even a modern office floor can work well with a braided rug.

It Comes in a Variety

They are very versatile. I could probably compare it with how people can braid their hairs in different ways, we can definitely come up with braided rugs in different shapes and sizes; texture, color and pattern follows in the same way as well. In the more formal rooms of my house I use the plain and solid looking ones, for the entertainment areas and the bedrooms I chose the brighter more lively braided rugs.

Why Not DIY?

Along with being versatile these rugs are easy to make, in fact in schools braided rugs are made into projects for students to practice their creativity. This is probably why people can easily come up with different designs and shapes.

Easy Maintenance and Durability

Other than the decorative value that these rugs contribute to the different rooms of my house, another thing I really appreciate about this rug is that it gets cleaned easily and it can be cleaned without falling apart. I used to fuss over carpets and their “falling hairs”. It gets kind of frustrating when all you want is to get a cleaner carpet but then the rest of it just falls apart.

The braided rugs are not as fragile. Well this is probably the braided technology –if you could call it that. Since the fibers are tied to each other, they don’t fall apart. I can scrub and vacuum all I want and nothing ever falls out. No bald spots on the rug to worry about.

For years I have been using these rugs whether as area rugs or simply for mats on different doorsteps. They work well both indoors and on the outdoor areas of my house. I also keep a variety for the different seasons, they are not rugged or inappropriate and they go right well with different occasions.

My guests have always liked the way I have incorporated these braided rugs into my home. Like them I have always appreciated what these rugs has done for my home. Without these rugs I’m sure my floors won’t look as bright, attractive and welcoming as they are now.