These Polynesian novelties are cheap, easy to install, and give any boring landscape a laid back tropical feel

Have you ever heard of an item called a tiki torch?  If you have not then you are missing out.  These Polynesian novelties are cheap, easy to install, and give any boring landscape a laid back tropical feel.  While it is impossible for most of us to actually live in placed like Hawaii it is however possible to bring that “island essence” to our front and backyard.

A tiki torch is basically a long wooden stick with a circular chamber at the top of it.  The chamber will hold some type of fuel, or alternative power source, and a wick which a flame or light runs on.  These torches are usually implanted into the ground or held up by some sort of anchor.

Its hard to believe that such a basic design can totally change the “feel’ of a landscape but that is exactly what tiki torches can do.  Over the last ten years they have become quite popular as having an “Hawaiian luau” party has gained in popularity.  No luau is complete without a tiki torch so many homeowners have purchased them.  What people have quickly found out is that these things are great for more than a niche themed party.  They are good for setting the mood 365 days out of the year!

What Do They Run On?

Most tiki torches run on citronella oil.  There are other oils but this by far is the most common.  Not only does it have a pleasant smell but it keeps all kinds of bugs away.  This can be especially useful if you live in an area with tons of mosquitoes!

Other options include propane gas, electricity, solar power, and quite recently battery power.

How Do I Install Them?

Its very easy.  Most of them can be stuck in the ground.  Unless there is a high amount of wind they will not move.  Another way to install them is to build a tiki torch anchor.  Basically, its a metal can with rocks inside of it.  Once you load the can up with rocks you can implant the torch inside of it.  The great thing about using a torch anchor is that they can be placed anywhere including areas where there is no dirt and grass.

What Options Are Available?

There are two main options to pick from.  There are bamboo and ceramic tiki torches.  Bamboo has a more classic and traditional feel while ceramic ones have more of an modern and electric feel to them.  Both look good and it is just a matter of tastes and what theme you are going for.

Typical Cost for a Tiki Torch?

The price range can be $5 for a basic bamboo tiki torch to $100 for a solar tiki torch.  It depends on what they are made from, the quality, and the fuel source the flame, or light, will run on. Some people go with the cheaper torches that are flemsy because they only plan to use them once.  Other who want to use them more than once will purchase ones of better quality because they will last longer.

Go online and start checking out some outdoor tiki torches today.  You will be amazed by how different your yard looks with just two lining the pathway.  The same goes for your patio, deck, backyard, or walkway.  There truly is nothing like them.