A quality bookcase is not only for books, although most offices have some type of books of binders to store

There are a lot of expenses involved in setting up a new office or even a home office. Furniture represents a large part of the expenditure and finding ways to save is only natural. However for an office, specially if you will be receiving clients you will probably be better off choosing only a few good quality pieces than having more furniture of a lesser quality. You only really need three pieces of furniture to make your office space a good workplace, where you can be comfortable and productive.

A quality bookcase is not only for books, although most offices have some type of books of binders to store. You can also use a bookcase to make the room more personal by displaying a couple of art pieces or family photos. This will give your office a more friendly atmosphere. While there are many types of bookcases, a bookcase with doors will look more professional, and if you have valuable books they will be better protected. Glass doors will work for a display case and solid wood doors, will allow you to hide some of the things you would rather not show. A barrister bookcase is one with doors that open by pulling up rather than straight out. Known as the lawyers’s bookcase it is one of the most professional bookcase you can ever find. Barrister bookcases built today are still well made and will cost a little more than a standard bookcase. They are well worth the additional cost as they will provide everything you need in a professional bookcase. They are available in oak, mahogany or cherry wood, and you can even find white barrister bookcases if you like a more contemporary style.

It goes without saying that an office should have a good work surface. A table might work but if you need additional storage space you might consider a desk with drawers instead. If you have selected a wood for the bookcase you might use the same type for your desk as it can help tie your decor together but it is not an absolute necessity. You don’t have to buy new furniture for either the desk or the bookcase. In fact you might be able to purchase better quality at a much lower price at auctions or second hand stores.

The third requirement is a very comfortable chair. If you will be spending a fair amount of time at work, it is imperative to be comfortable as your productivity is directly related to your well being. You can opt for a leather or a mesh chair, but you should ensure that it has options for height as well as tilt adjustments.  A good chair can be expensive but your health is nowhere to cut corners, and using a poorly adjusted chair could result in permanent problems. This is the one item that you probably should buy new as a used one might not be optimal for you.

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