Installing a brand-new water conserving toilet will spruce up in the bathroom for cheap.

Do you want to dress up your bathroom with a new look? Then you may want to think about adding a new floor and window curtain treatments. Both of these are easy tasks for even novice DIY home owners. The first thing you must decide this how much you can afford to spend on this project. For instance, a brand-new floor may cost less than $200 for the materials if you do it yourself. On the other hand, if you have to hire a contractor, the total cost will probably be close to $1000. Do you see where I am heading with this? When you go the DIY route, you can splurge on the materials and save the cash for yourself!

Low-Cost Makeover Ideas For Bathrooms
Let’s say that you want to install new bathroom window curtain treatments and a new flooring such as ceramic tile or engineered wood. You could probably do both a new floor and window treatments for under $500 if you do it yourself. The nice thing about doing it yourself is that you can take your time and do it right. I like to shop for bargain materials such granite vanity tops, close out water faucets, and odd lots of ceramic tiles. Since the bathroom is the smallest room in a house, you don’t need a pallet of construction material.

Installing a brand-new water conserving toilet will spruce up in the bathroom for cheap. Not only is this inexpensive, but there are many rebates available for the low flow toilets. Toilets are very easy to install if you are careful since there are only 2 bolts that you have to deal with.

Installing a new floor such as ceramic tile or engineering bamboo flooring can be done for less than $100 for a small bathroom. Some people may flinch when they hear the word wood because a bathroom is a moisture rich area. Engineered wood flooring works very good in a bathroom because it can withstand the humid environment. You would need to do some research on engineered bamboo flooring pros and cons before you make your final decision. Bamboo is a tropical grass and is supposed to withstand high moisture areas such as bathrooms.  I absolutely love the look of hard wood floors. Needless to say, I have two young boys who still seem to get more water on the floor than they do in the bathtub. That is why I tiled our bathroom. An average bathroom can be tiled in about 3 hours including clean up. Of course, you have to wait another 24 hours to grout the floor.

Bathroom window curtains always wakes up a tired old bathroom.  Grandma’s heirloom curtains just don’t cut it anymore.  There are so many different styles to choose from. Just remember, that you need to choose something that will resist mold and mildew because of the wet bathroom environment. Adequate ventilation will solve this problem. Add some new curtain rods and valences along with some fancy curtain tie backs in your bathroom will have a brand new look to it.

If you want to take it a few steps further, add new towel holders, water faucets, or possibly a new medicine chest. A new light fixture is also a great inexpensive way to further accent your bathroom makeover. Believe it or not, installing a new bathroom vanity is easier than you would think. If you plan on installing a new floor, having the vanity removed will actually make the floor installation easier. Once the floor is installed, you can screw in the new vanity in just a few minutes. With new quick-connect faucets, the entire job will take less than an hour.

To put things into perspective, you could have your bathroom looking new in a weekend. Realistically, it will take most home owners a week because of interruptions with family schedules and lack of tools or knowledge.