Having bathroom mirror with lights can be a waste of money and energy

Every now and then and astounding product amuses us with its brilliance and ingenuity. From that point, manufacturers the world over would try to come up with imitation products and induce the masses to purchase by improving on some underdeveloped aspects of the original product or use a more affordable price as a come on. Some products would succeed and reach record sales, while others would just plainly flop. As a consumer, you have to distinguish one from the other from early on.

The bathroom mirror is an age old useful bedroom component for all your ‘reflecting’ needs. It helps you dress up or groom yourself when preparing for a party, among other acts. It works perfectly as is, which is why I don’t understand the reason for the several variations made by today’s bathroom components manufacturers. Why anyone would fit a bedroom mirror with lights is beyond me.

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights vs Vanity Mirrors

Try using normal lighting with your normal bathroom mirrors instead

Fitting a bathroom mirror with lights is like putting a fan for your car: the air conditioner and the window is available, so why even bother? Any bedroom is sufficiently lit for normal use, so looking at a bedroom mirror with normal lighting wouldn’t be that much of a bother under normal circumstances. It’s not like putting light at the sides or at the top of your bathroom mirror would significantly improve the way you see yourself.

Besides, if you want to purposefully look at something up close, you have vanity mirrors. Grooming yourself is better with vanity mirrors because bathroom mirrors are for general use. Also, despite light being an integral part of seeing better, increasing the light sources does not equate to a clearer view. If anything else, you are just wasting energy because of the unnecessary wattage that the bathroom mirrors with lights utilize.

How to Improve Your Grooming Without Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

There are many ways to improve the quality of your mirror routines without resorting to bathroom mirrors with lights. Instead of buying an overpriced piece of equipment, try to get what you need from this product and utilize a smart substitute. Smart positioning would go a long way: situate your bathroom mirror directly below your room’s pin lights. Another way would be to direct a desk lamp at the area where you use mirror would do the same job without the cost of a bathroom mirror with lights.

Sadly, bathroom mirrors with lights is an innovation that would not catch on with the common consumer

Not all innovations are innovative after all, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. Do yourself a favor the next time you feel tempted to buy something for yourself or your home: ask yourself if it is something that would drastically change your lifestyle, and if it would be worth your money. If you have any suggestions or funny stories you’d like to share, leave a comment on the space provided below. Thanks, and advanced happy holidays!