Buy the towel based on their size and texture.

For the most part, bath towels are something you wouldn’t describe as sexy. That’s doesn’t mean we can get by without them, though. No matter who you are, you’re going to get wet when you take a bath or shower. And, your trusty bath towel is there to dry with. Pretty simple, but certainly not sexy. Yet, it is possible for a bath towel to be sexy. At the very least, you should feel sexy using it. The trick is to buy based on size and texture.

First thing – size. Now, those supposed bath towels from school gym class? You know the ones that didn’t even seem to wrap around the skinny girls? That’s not a bath towel. That’s a good towel for drying your hair though. True bath towels, or bath sheets as they are sometimes called, wrap all the way around you and have at least 8 inches over overlap. That’s a bath towel that can be tucked and won’t come loose as you walk from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Second thing – texture. We’re talking soft and cushy. Now, a word about beach towels. They are great for the sand, hence the name beach towel. They are usually big enough to wrap around you, but they’re not made as luxury towels. Some brands may be soft, but for the most part, they should be kept for drying off after an outdoor shower. Bath towels, for every day use, are soft and thick. These are what you could call luxury towels. You should feel pampered just by running your hand over them. If you were to look closely at the towel, you would see all the little loops of yarn packed very densely. That’s what makes it soft. Longer loops make the towel thicker.

At your local home store, you will see shelves and shelves of towels. Some will be called bath towels, but look out for impostors! You are on the lookout for your perfect towel. Remember, the perfect towel is big. It will wrap all the way around you and then some. The perfect towel is also nice and lush. It feels great against your skin. And, finally, the perfect towel is sexy.