You must always think of the person that will inhabit the room when decorating for one

A good home is one that tends to the needs of its owners, to provide the proper temperature and the right amount of light at exactly the time it would be needed. As such, no home would be complete without the appropriate components that would make it thus. Such components would do well especially in bedrooms and other living spaces. Call it the bare essentials of living space decoration, if you will. As an interior decorator, I call it “the basics”.

Good Floor Ideas for Decorating Bedrooms

It would be an ideal world if everyone can afford a carpet or rug for their floors. Although some people would consider floor treatment as luxury, it is what makes a home “homely”. There are different types and designs available for purchase, suiting the specific needs of people. Most interior decorators such as myself recommend having floor area rugs in living rooms and bedrooms because they add to the “comfort” factor, both aesthetically and literally.

Good bedrooms always utilize quality floor treatment for aesthetic and functional purposes

Fuzzy area rugs are comfortable to touch and walk on, and can actually be kept clean since they are washable. Most modern home owners do all their activities on their area rugs, from watching television programs to reading their hipster Harper Lee novels. Yes, area rugs have, for some households, transformed from a mere floor treatment to actual furniture. Of course, nothing can ever replace a bed in the bedroom, but a good area rug would be a very close alternative.

Window Treatment and Other Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Another aspect of the home worth paying attention to is the window and the appropriate window treatment to utilize for it. For bedrooms, window treatments are very important especially in the mornings when the sun starts to creep up and blind sleepy heads from their windows. Of course, the window should still display the view outside because, let’s face it, it adds to the aesthetic value of the room. That’s the point of troubling yourself with contemporary decorating ideas for bedrooms.

As an interior designer, I suggest the utilization of solar shades for your bedroom. It’s basically a type of window treatment that, like other window treatments, provides shade from the sun and privacy from outside eyes. Unlike other products, however, solar shades do not reduce the quality of the outside view but merely blocks out the glare of the sun. As such, you can still look and see the spectacle outdoor but both sunlight and onlookers wouldn’t be able to peer in.

Good window treatment will provide perfect lighting for all kinds of rooms

Half the fun of owning a bedroom is actually the part where you think about what you want to put inside your room and how you put it. As an interior decorator, that’s what I do and I sure have a lot of fun doing it. If you have some interior decorating ideas for bedrooms that you’d like to share, or a funny story regarding the said matter, leave a line in the comments section below to show your love. ;)