I always hum the tune of this song whenever I look in my bathroom mirror

The Beat was a popular band back in the early 80’s. They played ska and was very popular with the teenagers during that time, so much so that film companies use their singles as part of their original sound tracks for movies. A particular song of interest is Mirror in the Bathroom, which reached the #4 spot in the UK charts and remained popular thereafter. Since then the said track has been sampled and remixed by prominent artists and DJs, the most prevalent being Spike Stent remix.

The Relation of The Beat Mirror in The Bathroom Lyrics to Actual Bathroom Mirrors

The song has a particularly simple and straightforward ska beat and talks basically about the protagonist who converses with the mirror in his bathroom. He apparently wants to take his mirror in the bathroom to his regular activities like eating on a restaurant or window shopping in the mall. Eventually, the protagonist comes to a realization that the mirror in the bathroom reflects everything he does. Later on, there is an allusion to a seemingly third person by the protagonist, who is referred to as his mirror in the bathroom. Whenever I hear this song, I think about how a bathroom mirror is used in real life in relation to how the protagonist of this song uses it.

The protagonist in the song says he is most honest when in front of his bathroom mirror

Of course, he does not mean to take the bathroom mirror out from the bathroom and to his normal routine. My interpretation is that the protagonist sees the mirror as something which he can use to see himself. That’s how bathroom mirrors are usually; we use them when we groom ourselves, when we brush our teeth, or prepare for those small speeches we plan to give. The protagonist’s plan to bring the bathroom mirror in his day to day is perhaps an embodiment of his desire to see and be himself when he goes out his bathroom, which appears to be where he is most honest as reflected by the bathroom mirror.

This imagery is broadened when he uses the image of the bathroom mirror to describe a person who the protagonist wants to be with because of the fact that the person makes the protagonist be honest or feel comfortable about being just himself. Undoubtedly, this is a love song about a person, the protagonist, telling his or her love interest that she or he makes him or her feel comfortable every time. The songwriter is brilliant because after listening to the whole song, we find out that the bathroom mirror the protagonist wants to make part of his daily routine is not the literal bathroom mirror but actually the person the protagonist is alluding to.

The Real Value of Bathroom Mirrors as Interpreted from the Lyrics Mirror in the Bathroom Provides

As such, we can see that the writer of this song looked at bathroom mirrors as something useful in the house. To think using the bathroom mirror as an image to portray someone you love. Although probably not the direct type of feeling, there is a certain sense of affinity that everyone can pick up from the protagonist with regard to bathroom mirrors. This would be based on real life experience, so saying that people value their bathroom mirrors would not be that for off from the truth.

Bathroom mirrors are important in our day to day bathroom and grooming routines

As an interior designer, I feel a personal connection with this song because it says a lot about my line of work. Interior design is an important field in today’s world, and knowing which component to utilize for a certain room would make the difference in the lives of the people whose house you are designing. Who knows, the son of the homeowner might be an aspiring artist who’d write songs about the fuzzy area rug you decided to allocate for their home. Years later, when you hear that song playing as the number one billboard single, you can proudly tell your kids that you put that rug in there.