blinds direct makes purchasing and installing window blinds manageable

Between the window blinds and the classic curtain drapes, I usually lean more on the curtain side. Curtains capture the drama I really want my windows to have. But as much as I consider them to be stylish, I still found that there are certain functions of the blinds that the curtains do not possess.

It wasn’t until I needed to install black blinds when I needed to learn how to deal with window blinds. I needed to install the black blinds so I could sleep well during daytime. I usually don’t get enough sleep at night so I have to make up for it whenever I can. With the black blinds blocking out outdoor light, I easily got to sleep like it was night time the whole day.

The Challenge of Change

Getting these blinds was more of a challenge for me. If you are like me, who is used to working with curtains then you may also be faced with the same challenge if ever a need for window blinds arises. You have to look at your windows at a different perspective now since you will be dressing it up with a different type of window treatment.

See Before Shopping

To help me start with the change of window treatment, I decided to see how the window blinds will look like. I went window shopping online and browsed through the sites that had blinds direct. These sites like, and showcase window blinds and they gave me an idea of how the blinds I wanted for my windows would look like.

Blinds Direct

Lucky for me was having an ongoing sale. And since I am a sale shopper, I gave more attention to this site. The site featured several categories of the different kinds of window blinds and I suddenly forgot that I was just going for black blinds for my room.


Listed on their home page are different customer services. The one I was really glad about was their guide on how to measure your windows properly to get the right window blinds for your windows. So, when I got the measurements, I ordered the Black Temporary Blinds from for only $64.

Other than it fit well on to my bedroom windows, my new black blinds had a chic finish to it. When I close the blinds to shut out the outdoor light, the blinds close into a smooth surface as if the individual panels became one whole cover for my window.

Bought Blinds and Experience

I was very surprised and happy I got to try out getting window blinds. Even when I had a lot of other things to do, blinds direct sites such as allowed me to do so much more than just buy my black blinds. In not more than two days, I have learned about window blinds more, I got to measure my windows –not for curtains this time, and I got the chance to enjoy a discounted purchase!

Getting my first blinds was a really good experience. Blinds direct really did it for me. The change was also a relief and it busted my personal myths of blinds on my windows. Thanks to blinds direct I’m no longer hesitant to deal with any kind of window treatment.