knowing more about triple bunk beds

The need for a bunk bed arises when there are two or more people sharing a bedroom. Bunk beds have always been a great solution for problems with bedroom space and accommodating people. The best thing about the bunk bed is that they can be built in a way that will maximize its function and give more bed space for people.

With the versatility of the bunk bed it can be the sleeping area plus more. A study and some storage spaces can be built in with the bunk bed. Now you will not be needing separate furniture for your study and wardrobe. All the things you need in the bedroom will be occupying a shared space and you’ll end up having enough floor area.

Triple bunk beds accommodates three people all at the same time. However, despite the advantages of the triple bunk beds, there are still things to take into consideration when using this type of bunk bed. It may be both as convenient as the regular bunk bed or it may have some disadvantage along the way.

More Means Higher

Note that the triple bunk bed has more height than the regular one. When getting a triple bunk bed take into consideration the height of your ceiling. The other two lower bunks will have fixed spaces but the top most bunk may be squeezed and limited in terms of space because of a low ceiling.

Get a full on triple bunk bed if your ceiling is high enough, if however your ceiling is too low for a triple bunk bed, you can still have a triple bunk bed but in a different structural design. There are more types of bunk bed designs other than the ones that have all the beds stacked up on one another.

Choose an L

Instead of getting the typical bunk bed with the stacked structure, try getting one that fits into corners or those with the ā€œLā€ design. This not only fits well enough into corners, they also do not require a high ceiling. This is because the design of the bed puts only one lower bunk and the other two forming an L as the second bunk.

This gives us the idea that using bunk beds is also about utilizing corners and not just settling for the stacked up beds. Saving space does not mean having to squeeze in the bed. Maximizing space is what we should aim for. The rest of the floor area will just be there when you’ve used the distinct area well.

The Climb

Another thing to consider when getting a triple bunk bed is the height. This time you should not be concerned with the ceiling. Let’s say you already have a room with a ceiling high enough for a triple bunk bed, all bunks stacked on top of the other. What you should be worrying about this time is safety.

If you are in the process of choosing triple bunk beds pay close attention to the climbing structure. Make sure it is safe and easy to climb. Also, I suggest going for the climbing steps with a double function such as drawers or storage compartments. This way you do not only have a safe way going up and down the bed, you also get to do more and have a double purpose.