Fill your spacious bathroom with a freestanding bath

Not a lot of people enjoy the luxury of having a large bathroom. On the other hand, not a lot of people with a large bathroom know what to do with all that space. So if you are this lucky person who has this dilemma of figuring out what to do with a really large bathroom, then you may want to take a few tips from a person who dreams of having the kind of bathroom you have.

Since you have a large bathroom you may also want to think big. Also think filling in space but not to the point of eating up all the bathroom space. The space is an advantage in itself. Keep it that way. The space allows you an opportunity to get a more unique bathroom design concept so don’t easily settle for safe and average.

Use Your Floor Space

My first advice would be to use the floor space instead of the wall space. Don’t shove everything against the wall and leave a dance floor in the middle of the bathroom. We know people bust their secret dance moves in the bathroom but that won’t be helpful in coming up with a really good bathroom design for your spacious area.

But seriously, because the idea here is to keep the bathroom looking spacious allow some fixture to be placed away from the wall. The thought here is, your bathroom is big enough to accommodate fixtures away from the wall since it has enough floor space. Because of this you do not have to stick to the walls because you have space.

Your Focal Point

Among the different bathroom components the one which can be given center stage in the bathroom is the bathing area. In an average bathroom the bathing are is usually put aside in one corner along with the toilet and the bathroom sink. Remember that if your bathroom is big enough, you have the chance to use up floor space instead of wall space.

Let us focus on the bathing area. Imagine opening your door early in the morning, light coming in from large windows in the background and in the center of the room is a freestanding bath. Soft and elegant curtains draping from the ceiling to the floor. It’s just like the kind of bathing area Angelina Jolie had in her first Tomb Raider movie. Well, don’t you want that?

Freestanding Bath

I suggest, for your bathing area you get a freestanding bath. A freestanding bath is designed to be installed away from walls. They work well for spacious bathrooms. They are not as appropriate for those bathrooms with limited space. Pairing it with elegant shower curtains will complete the spa like bathroom that will make you relaxed from the moment you step into your bathroom.

You have the space for it. You can go for a shower or a tub. Make it the focus of your bathroom. The toilet and the sink can be the highlight of the corners. Add stylish and matching wooden furniture like a small teak bench beside the bath to hold scented candles and complete the spa feel of your bathroom.

Do not see your large bathroom as a big problem. See it as an opportunity to use better bathroom facilities such as a freestanding bath. Not a lot of people can enjoy this kind of bathroom. When you take the opportunity, take on the challenge of creating a really stylish bathroom -if I had that spacious bathroom, I would.