You'll need the proper materials to have a thorough bathroom tile cleaning session

Bathroom tiles are an important facet of any bathroom. Because of their ability to withstand water, they are considered the perfect choice for bathrooms and are used worldwide for bathroom purposes. What most people fail to realize is that because they are utilized in a place that is often used in wet and moist conditions, they also accumulate dirt and germs which, in the long run, will prove harmful to the health of the bathroom users. Water proof is not the same as germ proof, and cleaning your bathroom tiles should always be done as a part of bathroom maintenance.

What You Need to Buy and How to Clean Tiles in Bathroom Settings

First things first, you need to have the proper materials to have a thorough bathroom cleaning. You can’t just do it with water and your bath soap, if that was what you were thinking. You need a proper detergent or cleaning agent, which would be enough to take away all the germs but gentle to make sure there is no deterioration in the material. Lysol would be sufficient to achieve these purposes, or even any generic brand of detergent found in your local grocery store or super market.

Cleaning bathroom tiles should be done methodically

It would also be easier for people if they had a hose while doing this deed. A hose will allow you to direct water in the area you desire, instead of using a bucket or dipper to wet a certain area that the bathroom faucet is not positioned to reach. However, you still will need a bucket and a dipper to truly realize what how to clean marble tiles in bathroom spaces mean. Also, scrubbing materials or rags will be required to wash away the dirt and grime on the tile faces. Lastly, a type of stick or thin wedge should also be procured for proper and thorough cleaning.

How to Clean the Bathroom Tiles Procedurally

Learning how to clean bathroom wall tiles and actually doing it are easy enough tasks – you just need a method to follow. Logically, the first thing to do would be to wet the bathroom tiles as a whole. The water hose comes in handy at this point because you just stand around at one point while you make your home bathroom wet. The alternative would be to fill a bucket, throw the water all around, and repeat the process. After this step, you proceed with mixing your detergent with water and dissolve. You really have to use a dipper at this point because there’s no other way to dispense the liquid.

Cleaning your bathroom tiles regularly will lead to a sparkling clean bathroom

After making sure that the water detergent solution is spread out through the bathroom, use your rags or scrub to clean the tile faces of your bathroom tiles. This should be easy enough and would take no longer than few minutes per area, especially if you read about my secret technique and ingredient on how to clean bathroom floor tiles and how to clean grout in bathroom tiles during my previous posts. Lastly, use the thin wedge to clean out the accumulated grime from the sides and corners of your tiles. This particular step would be easier now compared to if you do it before the application of the water-detergent solution, because the accumulated grime and dirt would have softened up to a certain extent at this point. Finish off by rinsing the whole bathroom one more time.

Like I said in the previous article, cleaning up your bathroom as a whole is not physically hard. What’s hard is regularly remembering how to do it and actually proceeding with the act. Prevention is always better the cure, as the age old cliché goes, and prevention is actually harder to do because there is no impending threat to motivate you.