Low water pressure shower heads are gentle on the skin and smart for the bathroom

Being hardcore is cool, but not all the time. It’s tiring to be hardcore 24/7. I mean, I’m generally a rock chick and I listen to Metallica and Megadeth, but sometimes I just find the need to relax and unwind. It wouldn’t hurt to listen to a bit of Astrud Gilberto here and there while lounging about on the beach and a margarita or daiquiri on hand. So while showering every day to get ready for work is a staple, it’s not always fun. Then again, you can’t take a bath any other way since showering is the most effective and efficient way to bathe. The solution: shower heads with low water pressure.

Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure and a Dryer Bathroom Anteroom

The primary reason for water guards, enclosures, and shower curtains, aside from keeping privacy, is to keep the shower head water from splashing onto the non-shower areas of your bathroom. Imagine technologies and accessories being built around that fact. I imagine life could be easier if there was some way to make the water fall without splashing, just like in wet rooms, and it definitely has with the low water pressure shower heads.

There are lots of shower head models for low water pressure

Instead of finding a solution, people went ahead and crafted ways to get around the issue. A low water pressure shower head is the solution for the problem of splashing, rendering the shower curtains and glass enclosures obsolete. Of course, you can opt to have them since shower spaces look nice with them and they do have their decorative merits, but the utilization of low water pressure shower head, as the solution to water splashing, provides exciting opportunities for new bathroom designs and accessories that would not be available for generic shower heads.

Gentler Mornings by Opting to Go with Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

Another concern that most homeowners have with generic shower heads is that they are rough and tough on the skin. If one were to wake up early for work and bathe in the morning very early, a generic shower head would do the job of rousing the bather, but not really in the good way. Studies have shown that most skin problems come from water pressure that most people attribute as a normal part of using the shower.

Low water pressure shower heads are for everyone to experience and enjoy!

Low water pressure shower heads deliver you the same rousing experience, but with a softer touch on your skin. If you really want to wake up, you can choose to bathe with cold water. Temperature is always better than rough pressure, especially on a person who just wakes up. The jolt to the senses is a very undesirable feeling, and a gradual decrease in temperature whilst maintaining low water pressure would be the most ideal way to start your day.

I’m a girl, so I believe that I deserve a comfortable shower experience. Contrary to popular belief, men also deserve a pleasant shower experience. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you should suffer the pains of hard water pressure. If you want a comfortable bathing experience, the low water pressure shower head should be your only choice. For an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, you should consider rain low pressure shower heads. Apart from looking good while on display, they also look good while in use and they emulate the feeling of falling rain. I personally like it and I recommend it for everyone. ;)