Assorted Braided Rugs

It is good to have floor rugs at home. Floor rugs can give you warmth and comfort. They can also provide you with a comfortable surface to walk on in the home. Using rugs you can also hide any imperfections or flaws that you may have on your floors or even on your carpets. In the home, floor rugs can also save your floor from wear by acting as a buffer.

The other attraction of floor rugs is that they can provide you with color, character as well as beauty in the home. One such example of this is the braided rugs. Did you know that braided rugs have long been used in the home? Back in the early days of the settlers, these rugs were used as a covering for the floors. They were used to protect feet from the cold floors especially during the cold winter months. In those days the womenfolk use scraps of material from worn clothes or blankets and braided these scraps of material into rugs. This explained the colorful distinct look of the rugs.

Today, there are still many hand woven braided rugs that you can find especially at the neighborhood craft markets. These hand woven rugs are normally sold by the actual people who braid the rugs themselves. The look is unique and one-of-a kind and can really brighten up your home. On the other hand, there are also many such rugs that you can find in stores either in real stores or in online stores.

Other than hand woven rugs, there are also braided rugs that are actually machine woven. You can find these in stores as well. These rugs are made in many different sizes, shapes and designs. There will be definitely be one that will suit your tastes and style.

You can easily use these rugs in many areas in the home. The oval shaped braided rug can be used as door mats or even welcome mats. Other smaller rugs can be used as stair treads. Larger ones can be placed in the living room, dining room or even your bedroom. You can get these in oval, round or rectangular shapes depending on your preference.

Braided rugs can make any home look great instantly. Besides providing you with warmth and comfort, they also make your homes more inviting and cozy. These rugs can provide a classic traditional touch that will never go out of style.