Colorful Round Braided Rug

There is something about a rug that can transform a space.  When you think of a rug an image of a rectangular Persian or Oriental rug probably instantly pops into your head.  But rugs come in many shapes and sizes.  Why not transform a space in your home with something a bit more interesting like a round area rug.

Types of Rugs:
Round area rugs come in countless styles and patterns.  Lets break down your choices.  First material is an important consideration.  Acrylic is excellent choice if it liable to encounter stains or come in contact with direct sunlight.  Jute is very soft which is nice but that’s pretty much all it has going for it.  Polypropylene perhaps the most common is very stain resistant.  Sisal holds its color well and is super strong.  Wool is considered the finest of the fibers because it is both durable and soft.  You should also to consider how the rug is made.  If you are looking for a rug that is a work of art then you should look into hand made rugs.  Sure some of the designs on the machine-generated rugs are beautiful and super detailed, but there is nothing like a rug that is the work of a master craftsman.  SOHO is an example of a company who makes contemporary hand made rugs.  The benefit of machine-generated rugs is that they often have very detailed intricate designs and are capable of super high fiber count which can increase the durability of the rug.  These rugs also shed less and are also generally more affordable then there handmade cousins.  4’ Round is an example of company that makes excellent machine generated rugs. Finally, round braided rugs are super durable rugs that are and excellent idea for an area that sees a lot of foot traffic.  Whichever way you go be sure that the rug is made of the appropriate material for the location you are going to put it.

Where to Put Your Rug:
Where you put the rug is certainly up to you.  A popular location is under a dining room table.  This is a great way to add a little bit of color and design to a formal room.  The family room in front of the couch adds a focal point to the room’s center and can host some pretty radical designs, which is fun.  In a den or office, a round area rug can add levity to those quiet rooms in your home.  Wherever you choose to put your rug, be sure that the rug has a quality rug pad.  This is important for safety on hardwood floors but also can help increase the life of your rug.

Round area rugs are a fun way to add some shape and color to a room.  If your budget is tight, many times you can find a company that discount area rugs–or you can just wait for a sale.  Choose a quality rug of the proper material and you will have a decorative piece that can really fill up a room with color for many years to come.