Patio Furnitures

Backyards and barbecues are the best things about summer. Even a small gathering of friends and family around the patio table, is a great way to spend an afternoon. One of the maintenance that a lot of people overlook is maintaining their patio set. Most of the patio sets have a table, with an inserted umbrella and a set of chairs. Other patio furniture that may have been added is couches, benches and additional chairs. No matter what kind of set you have, or how much you spent on it, you want to take care of it so it lasts for a long time.

As winter time approaches we get the cold rains and the falling leaves. With the cooler temperatures, the umbrellas will not dry out the same as they would on the hotter days. This will leave moisture behind and may even start mold. Take down the umbrellas and spray them with a good water repellent product to protect them, and then pack them away for winter.
Wood has been an all time favorite choice for outdoor furniture. Preserving it with a good sealer will help prevent it from rotting or retaining any moisture. Water repellent for wood is easy to apply and can be found in different colors to fit your personal preference.

Make sure you prep your wood if it has chipped paint or dirt and debris. Use a paint stripping product if there is old paint that needs removed, and then sand it down smooth to absorb the new sealant.

Metal can be sprayed with paint that provides you with a rust resistant chemical to keep rust from occurring. This may take a little more work if there is rust present. You want to sand it down and get it as clean as possible, prime it with a primer and then paint it. Spraying a clear sealant on metal furniture after it’s purchased will also help coat it and protect it from the elements before you have any signs of rust.

If storing your furniture in the garage is not an option, try to find covers to put over the furniture for the winter or rainy seasons. Cushions should be stored away so they don’t retain moisture and start to mold. Preventing rust and rot from the beginning is easier, and a lot less work than trying to get rid of it once it starts.