Too often have there been instances where the tool ends up looking as pretty as the subject, despite its primary function as a mere helper. You see this often in romantic comedies where a girl who looks for a stereotypical perfect guy neglects the invisible yet surprisingly good looking best friend who she ends up with at the end of the movie anyway. In your bathroom, the framed medicine cabinet with mirrors is the good looking best friend.

The Thing with Recessed Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

A good medicine cabinet design helps improve your bathroom’s overall aesthetic value

Apart from its connection with the plot used earlier in chick flick love story arcs, wooden medicine cabinets with mirrors are indeed your good looking best friend because it helps you out in whatever you do inside your bathroom. The medicine cabinet stores your particulars, keeping it safe from possible household insects and other harmful elements. When grooming or cleaning up, the medicine cabinet with mirrors provides you with a clear reflection and that confidence you’d need to start or end your day.

However, while it does this, frameless medicine cabinets with mirrors look good while doing it. This cannot be more exemplified by other medicine cabinets than by the recessed medicine cabinet with mirrors. Basically, a recessed medicine cabinet with mirrors is a cabinet that is attached from an etched out portion of your bathroom wall, thereby giving it the impression of wall painting but with a storage space as spacious as vault.

Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors Recessed for Your Home

The perfect medicine cabinet mixes aesthetic with functionality

In order to improve your medicine cabinet set up, try situating a lamp of some sort around its area. As we all know, light provides for a clearer view of anything, so illuminating your medicine cabinet set up would do wonders, especially for people with eye problems. It’s worth mentioning that wall lamps situated beside or above your Kohler medicine cabinets with mirrors would vastly improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom set up.

As an interior designer, I would specifically suggest the recessed small medicine cabinet with mirrors because it looks good by itself and works great as a part of your daily routine. Normally I would recommend using separate mirror and storage combos since there is a lot of disparity between the design quality and functionality, but a recessed medicine cabinet with mirrors is actually. Do you agree with me or would you beg to differ? Tell me how you feel by leaving a comment in the area below.