Chipped and peeling paint from kitchen cabinets are unsightly

Vintage is cool, I know, and it’s slowly making its way back to the consciousness of both consumers and avant-garde designers alike. Regardless of the trend, however, there is a plain difference between vintage and just plain old. Fact: striped green and black wallpaper is vintage, chipping paint from kitchen cabinet is old. There are other ways to show people that you are an old soul with a classy sense of style, but leaving your peeling kitchen cabinet unattended would just convey a directly opposite message.

Why Learn How to Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Painting is obviously an easy chore to do, and it would take a no brainer that without sound reason, asking another person to paint your space is a waste of money. Of course, it would be different if the subject in question is your entire house. For a small area, your bedroom or kitchen, for example, doing it yourself would be nothing short of expected. You don’t need to hire professionals in this case because even if you make a mistake, no irreparable harm would befall on you as long as you take proper precaution.

Painting a mere kitchen cabinet set is even easier because it is less work and it would take even less time. In fact, you don’t need to know how to paint to undertake this job. If it’s your first time to handle paint and a paintbrush, here’s all you need to know: 1)cover everything else in the area with newspaper; 2) don’t lay the paint to thick, but don’t lay it too thin as well; 3) don’t ingest the paint. That’s about all you need to know.

When to Apply What You Learned on How to Paint Stained Kitchen Cabinets

A snappy kitchen cabinet makes an overall snappy looking kitchen

Obviously when the paint is peeling from your kitchen cabinet, you need to repaint it right away. Apart from possibly destroying your image among friends and relatives who visit and see your kitchen, peeling paint might drop from your cabinet and get into your food. As such, using sand paper on your cabinet to smoothen it out would be the direct solution, but why stop there?

Painting kitchen cabinets can be done as often as every month even before peeling can occur, and it’s basically up to you to decide when your kitchen cabinet needs a repaint. In fact, try doing something crazy by custom painting your kitchen cabinet with images or unique designs. Try looking online for good designs to emulate, or copy motivational phrases to splatter across your kitchen cabinet just because you can. Let the inner artist out and create a masterpiece you can look at while reaching for your morning cereal.