To create a romantic air try mixing several different types of lights in soft, flattering tones

Bathrooms have evolved from a room used primarily to shower and brush your teeth to a refuge for rest, relaxation, pampering and romance.  Choosing the right bathroom vanities, fixtures, lighting and accessories can transform a bathroom from ordinary to a romantic retreat that you will want to share with your special someone, or maybe just a good book.

Bathroom lighting is an essential and often overlooked part of creating a romantic atmosphere; when you control the light, you can control the mood.  To create a romantic air try mixing several different types of lights in soft, flattering tones.  In addition to the usual bathroom lighting, overhead fixtures and vanity light; consider a high-end garden tub fitted with adjustable underwater lights in different colors.  There are some showerheads that come with built-in mood lighting. Whatever lighting design you choose should be easily controlled and adjustable; you still need light bright enough to put on mascara in the morning.

The colors you choose should be whatever colors you consider to be romantic; some people like deep burgundies or light, airy blues and greens.  Different tones of the same color create a soothing effect; adding complementary colors creates drama.  Accessories can be used to accent the chosen color or to contrast with the base color and add excitement.  Just be sure not to use too many different colors this a room look busy.

Luxury fixtures like soaking tubs, Jacuzzi spa tubs and multi-spray showers will make anybody feel pampered and relaxed and create a romantic air.  Bathroom vanities are now available in styles that look like fine, well-crafted furniture and will complement any décor;  these pieces are made to be used in a bathroom and therefore stand up to daily bathroom use.  Do not neglect your sense of smell, a romantic bathroom shouldn’t smell like PineSol; experiment with different fragrances until you find one you like.  Potpourri and scent diffuser sticks are an elegant way to perfume the bath.  Finally, music is essential for setting a proper romantic mood.  A single sound system with speakers throughout the bedroom and bath is an excellent way to have romantic music throughout your suite.