matching curtains for the windows and the bathing area

In any room the window is always one of the main focal points. They are highlighted by window treatments such as curtains. Even in bathrooms, windows are still considered to be focal points no matter how small some of these bathroom windows can be. Bathroom curtains are used to highlight these windows to draw more attention to them.

Other than the windows another part of the bathroom also makes use of the bathroom curtain and this is the bathing area. The curtain for the bathing area has a completely different function from the curtain installed on the windows of the bathroom, but despite their difference in function, these curtains still have to have a similar theme.

Uniting the Look of the Bathroom

These different curtains may be separate areas but they should also bring the room together. These curtains should at least match and have a certain relation in terms of their looks. Unfortunately the fabrics have to be different for both types of curtains to be able to function well.

But just because these curtains use different fabrics does not mean that their looks will be completely different from one another as well. There are still ways to be able to match the bathroom curtains on the windows and the one used for the bathing area. This is to keep a common theme in the bathroom without one contradicting the other.

Where and How to Get the Curtains

If there are no matching bathroom curtains that area ready-made, the fabric store is the best place to look for the material to be used for the curtains. The materials for the window bathroom curtain and for the shower curtain may be different but some fabric stores may provide different types of fabric with the same design. If you can find these matching fabrics then there won’t be a problem.

Still if there are no matching materials for the shower and window curtains of the bathroom, then you can opt for the ready-made curtains. To make it easy to match the curtains, find plain colored ones. The colors can be monochromatic or the same. On the other hand you could go for complementary colors to give the bathroom a variety.

Using Accent Colors

Another way is to choose a printed curtain for either the bathing area or the windows and to use a certain color in the print and use it as an accent color for the other curtain. The other curtain can be a plain color of the part of print of the other curtain, this way the color is kept consistent.

The rings or the clips that hold the curtains to the pole can also be used to continue the theme of both curtains. You can use complementing curtains hung by the same type of rings or clips.

The way the bathroom curtains look together will give the bathroom a solid look and theme. A bathroom with contradicting curtains could show that the homeowners are undecided with the theme of the bathroom or they do not care how their bathrooms look. No one would want this impression about them and their bathroom. That is why it is important to really think about how you want your bathroom to look and you can start with the curtains in the bathroom.