Triple bunk beds are space savers

I used to think that bunk beds are evil pieces of furniture that you’d only see in prisons or boot camps. I was an only child so I never understood the appeal behind it. Now that I have a family and sons of my own, however, I am finally beginning to see the light. Given the corresponding bedroom theme and fixtures, triple bunk beds may be the fine line between an interior design disaster and a sleek children’s bedroom.

Space Saver

Imagine if you actually had to place three separate beds side by side or spread out across a room. The space it would take could have been a place for a book shelf, or an extended area where your kids can play around. Thanks to triple bunk beds, I was able to maximize my children’s bedroom area. Now, they can run, jump, skip and hop freely around, playing freely in a manner that children in constricted bedrooms normally would not be able to do.

A Convenient Play Set

Children seem to like the concept of having bunk beds to sleep in due to a host of reasons. However, the most immediate, for my children at least, is that the triple bunk bed doubles as a convenient play set that they can manipulate into anything they want. Of course, we parents have to make sure that despite letting their imaginations running wild, our children’s safety must always come first.

The other day, my children were saying that they were sailing a pirate ship across stormy seas. They had their pirate outfits on, and my youngest was “manning the sails” from the middle bunk, while my oldest was the look out with a telescope on the topmost bunk. This morning, they said they were the masters of a castle and they were keeping everyone with their great wall constructed out of their pillows.

A Handsome Piece of Furniture

All in all, the triple bunk bed is an example of smart interior design sense. It is a piece of furniture that is functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is also very durable, safe, and easy to install – I am talking out of experience, of course. My children are using triple bunk beds made out of wood, but manufacturers produce such bunk beds with other materials such as hard plastic and even metal. There is a triple bunk bed for any room or motif, which will give the same quality performance, features, and visual appeal to the bedroom as a whole.