know your bathroom plumbing tools well so you can use them better

I may not be a handyman and plumbing is definitely not an activity I even imagine doing but I do have the tools needed for plumbing. I got these basic bathroom plumbing tools when I needed some pipes connected to the bathroom repaired the same day that the handyman I usually hire was having a day off.

Days like these made me realize that it’ll be really helpful to have even just the basic tools. Also, if the handyman is available it would benefit my pipes and the kit making up may toilet and the parts making up my bathing area since the tools I got are really compatible to them.

When I bought a set of these bathroom plumbing tools, the first thing I realized was that there different types of wrenches and they have different functions. Imagine if I used the wrong one on a certain pipe then I could’ve made the problem a lot worse.


There’s a basin wrench that specializes in really tight areas, for fittings. The pipe wrench is the heavy duty type and deals with different sizes of pipes using its adjustable “teeth”. Lastly, the crescent or adjustable wrench is the wrench I prefer to use. It’s lightweight and so far this is the only wrench I’ve used usually for tightening pipes and other flat surfaces.

Screw and Nut Driver

Next to the wrenches the bathroom plumbing tool I keep is the screw drivers which also double as a nut driver. I use this especially for installations and such. The nut driver I haven’t really been using but I saw the handyman using it when he deals with strap tightening with the pipes.


The last bathroom plumbing tool that I keep ready for use is the hacksaw. Although this is among the tools I leave to the handyman to use, I’m glad I have it ready. It’s great for jobs that require cutting. Since it’s a hand saw it’s light and I can use it myself if ever there is an emergency and there’s a need for me to do so.


After getting these basic tools I also took time to understand what they are used for and how they are handled. I figured I can’t do major plumbing jobs but if there are minor ones like bolts that have to be tightened and or a few things that need tools for easy installation then these bathroom plumbing tools will surely come in handy.

Understanding these bathroom plumbing tools helped to feel more secure. I got to understand more about how things in my bathroom work and which of these things I can and cannot touch or fix myself. The tools even come in handy for other things that need fixing outside the bathroom.