get more beds without taking up a lot of space with trundle beds

If you love having guests over then I’m sure you know how important your guest bedroom is. But if you don’t have a guest bedroom then you at least need to have a bed to spare and it should be comfortable enough for your guests.

When you only have one room to spare to be your guest room then you will be facing the challenge of providing enough beds for your guest especially if they come as a group. Of course when your guests are people who are already close to you and they themselves are comfortable in your home then it would be less of a problem.

Guests who have to share the same bedroom will have to decide on who gets the bed and who gets the couch. As a host you wouldn’t want any of your guests to feel less special than your other guests right? You would do what it takes to make them feel comfortable and accommodated.

Making Guests Comfortable

But let’s face it, we cannot help but worry about the comfort that people get when they are our guests in our home. We also want the best for them and we aim towards making their stay special. If you have a guest room you should maximize the sleeping areas of this room to accommodate more guests.

Trundle Beds

One of the best kinds of beds for the guest room would be the trundle bed. Trundle beds are actually two beds one is the main bed and the other is built to fit beneath the main bed. It simply rolls out when pulled and can be kept by pushing it back in. Having one or two trundle beds in your guest room will surely keep you from fretting about giving your guests a comfortable bed to sleep on.

Pull Out Comfort

The great thing about having trundle beds in your guest room is its flexibility and practicality. If you only have one guest over then you can keep the bottom bed and just let your guest sleep on the main bed. On the other hand if you’re having more people over, a slumber party for example then you can pull out the bottom bed and you have enough beds for your guests.

Only When You Need It

The best part about being able to keep the bottom bed under the main bed is being able to enjoy the floor space. If your guests –kids for example, would still like to play or gather on the floor they can do so. When it’s time for them to sleep they can simply pull the bottom bed and go right to sleep. No more inflating, no more unfolding and assembling.

You will surely love having a trundle bed in your guest room. It may not be the same bed they have in their own homes but guests will surely appreciate being able to sleep on an actual bed instead of a sofa. This time you will also enjoy having more people over because you won’t have to worry about giving them a good night’s sleep thanks to the trundle beds!