Screen doors are lockable, and can be a second line of defense for anyone coming to your door

Screen doors are a great addition to your home and nearly any homeowner can benefit greatly from installing one. With a screen door, you can let in a cool breeze while keeping out all insects. It keeps out all debris in general from the outdoors, such as leaves and light weight garbage, keeping the interior clean. It is great for ventilation and letting in sunlight as well, both of which are great necessities to have in a home.

Screen doors are lockable, and can be a second line of defense for anyone coming to your door.  In fact, there are special models of security screen doors which are designed specifically with acting as a barrier between you and potential intruders.  Conversely, they can also keep pets and children secured inside, allowing parents to leave their children briefly unattended without fear of them getting out and playing in the streets.

However, you may wish to allow your pet free reign to go inside or out. That is why there are pet screen doors, which are designed with convenience in mind. They have a pet flap which your pet can easily travel through, and it closes back on itself naturally. This is perfect for allowing your pet to have freedom of movement without having to let them in and out.

Another variation is the storm door. Instead of mesh, it incorporates planes of glass. This keeps out the rain and elements while retaining heat indoors. It is ideal for the wintertime when you may want to let sunlight in or enjoys the benefits of a screen door.

Security screen doors are designed to secure your home in a much safer way than regular types of screen doors.  They have good locks, and are made with much stronger mesh, secured by steel to a reinforced frame. They will effectively prevent intruders from getting in and are considered by many to be one of the best screen doors available.