Wall Mirrors

It may seem simple; you buy a mirror, stick it on the wall an hey presto you cans see yourself to do you makeup, hair or whatever you choose. But a mirror in the home can be much more useful than that. A mirror in the home can make a room look much bigger than it really is this article takes a look at three places that you can put a mirror and what type of mirror is best for your chosen location.

Your Entrance Hall

For many homes the entrance hall is the smallest room in the house and therefore it is a great candidate for having a large wall mirror hung in it. A large mirror will increase the amount of light that gets bounced around your hallway and will also allow you to do any last minute checks before you leave the house.

Your Bathroom

The bathroom is another room in the home that is often relatively small when compared to the rest of the room in your home. You have to be careful what type of mirror you put on the wall in here as it will have to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that occur in a bathroom. In many cases you will have to buy a specific bathroom mirror where you will be moisture resistant. This can be a costly affair and you may well be better of having a custom cut mirror installed. A large countertop to ceiling mirror will probably not cost you much more than a specific bathroom mirror and will effectively double the size of your bathroom.

Your Living Room

Although the living room of your home is usually one of the larger rooms in your home, some can be narrow and which makes it very difficult to furnish, Long and narrow rooms can often benefit from having a wall mirror hung on their longest wall so that they make the room appear to be wider than they actually are. In your living room you may want to hang a mirror that looks really nice, it doesn’t have to be as practical as the mirror you need in your bathroom and sometimes decorative art deco wall mirrors make a great addition to the modern living room.

When furnishing your home it really does come down to a matter of perceived space and there really is no better way of increasing that perceived space than using some well positioned wall mirrors.