Common designs for Moroccan lanterns include teardrop, star, and diamond shapes

Moroccan lanterns are a distinctive form of decoration for any home. The popularity of stained glass has returned to fashion. Punched iron and brass have always been in style. These lanterns combine the best of iron and brass metal work with simple colorful glass panes to create shining ambiance for many environments. For outdoor lighting on a hanging patio or in a gazebo, the colorful touch of a Moroccan lantern warms and invites.

The Victorian and Northern European decorating styles have been popular staples of many American households for nearly a hundred years, but more people are turning to colorful varieties found in Latin, African and Middle Eastern locations. While some Moroccan lanterns do only employ traditional clear or fogged glass, the majority are highly stylized and specialized.

Common designs for Moroccan lanterns include teardrop, star, and diamond shapes. The unique cuts provoke light to be cast in straining shadows along every surface they illuminate. Suspended from the overhang of an open patio, any home stands distinctively against its surroundings with a colorful lantern.

They come in all sizes as well. As outdoor lighting most owners prefer larger illumination. Some, hanging several feet down from the ceiling, are more than three feet long and several feet wide. While the large design might sound extravagant, the colorful presentation lends a playful element to the outdoor chandeliers.

Those interested in coloring their porch with lit illumination can find a variety of quaint choices to select from that are inexpensive and durable for the elements. Usually more colorful glass and ornate structure will equate with higher prices, and these lanterns will vary from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Selecting décor that is suitable for the home’s structure and design will help the lighting to blend well and still pop to onlookers admiring the ambiance.