In the long run, quality cushions would still save you more money

Spend $50 per cushion for a design that has padding to be comfy, has stain resistant and mildew-free fabric, and won’t fade when exposed to the sun. Chaise lounge cushions and two-seater bench pads cost $90 to $130, although some may be up to $250. This will include the cushions made with Sunbrella fabrics – the best quality available.

Really cheap discount patio furniture cushions are $20 or $30 and have foam inside and cotton or polyester covers that fade, show dirt, get stained and musty / mildewed during winter seasons (even if stored indoors). Cheap cushions last ONE season! Is that a bargain? Not in my opinion. If you buy a quality set of outdoor furniture and choose cushions by FrontGate or other designers who use stain resistant fade-free fabrics, you’ll spend the money only once. That makes sense!

Spend less money in the long run by buying quality furniture that’s resin wicker, powder coated cast aluminum or solid teak and set up a deck with a cover, or look into retractable awnings that are manual or motorized, and do it right. Add cushions that are high quality so your outdoor space is enjoyable summer after summer and not just THIS year. Cheap untreated fabrics, foam that’s not mildew resistant, and most of the discount patio furniture cushions available, are not worth buying.

I briefly mentioned retractable awnings, and I want to add a final note. There are many affordable awnings made of cheaper fabrics, just like the cheap cushions, but I highly recommend going with the ones (made by a variety of different companies) that use the Sunbrella fabrics. The same principle applies to the outdoor patio covers and roofing systems as to the pillows. Buy waterproof, stain resistant, mildew-free and you won’t regret it. Do you know what’s one of the most searched terms when it comes to patio covers and outdoor furniture – “replacement awnings” and “replacement cushions”. You need to ask yourself why that is if the best quality patio furniture cushions and retractable awnings come with five and ten year warranties.