Wood burning fire pits come in a variety of styles and patterns

If you’re looking for an outdoor design feature that has a practical side, look no further than the portable fire pit. There is a wide range of these attractive yet functional fire burners, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your outdoor decor. Not only will your patio look stylish, you’ll get to enjoy the warmth and crackle of a real fire under the stars.

Wood burning fire pits come in a variety of styles and patterns. Most of them tend to have a bowl shaped basin that holds the fire, which is mounted on legs to keep the heat away from the surface of the deck or patio while adding stability to the unit. They generally have a removable screen cover that helps keep in the sparks and embers so you don’t damage your outdoor furniture.

Some of these fire pits resemble a small table, with the bowl in the center surrounded by a decorative patterned rim. One of the many elegant styles available is a scrolling vine motif that is forged into the metal and coated with an antique metallic finish. Some styles feature a marble effect tabletop with wrought iron legs. Or you might want to choose a colorful mosaic tile pattern. The options are actually endless.

Or you might prefer a wood burning fire pit with a more rustic look. The Landmann series is made of steel but painted to look like red clay. The distinctive feature of these products is the fanciful cut outs made in the sides of the bowl which allow you to glimpse the fire burning within.

You can also find some simple yet elegant tabletop fire pits that are much smaller in diameter but still offer the warmth of their flickering flames. They come in a variety of lovely finishes such as brushed aluminum or a ceramic look.