Just remember to always lock up your front, side and back doors

There is nothing more valuable than having a secure home for your family. It’s much easier to sleep at night knowing that you can secure your home in these three easy steps, without having to invest thousands of dollars. Even though a security system is definitely recommended for everyone, here are some simple steps you can take to make sure that your loved ones are safe from harm’s way. The last thing you ever want to witness is a burglar coming into your home and harming you and your family.  Why make it easier for them to break in?

1. Start by securing your windows and doors. Perform an inspection, especially on your ground-level windows that can be easily reached by anyone.  You may even go as far and trying to break into them yourself to see how hard or easy it is.  You can install security screens and locks, or even window films. This won’t take away from the beauty of your home, and will provide more safety for your loved ones.

2. Invest in outdoor lighting. There’s nothing a burglar likes more than to hide in the darkness. Make this impossible for them. The three most important lights to have are backyard lights, driveway lights, and flood lights equipped with motion sensors. Not only are outdoor lights a safety precaution, but they can also add a pretty glow to your home at night. This helps visitors find your home better, and keeps your driveway and walkways well-lit to prevent injuries and mishaps. This is probably the most important step out of the 3 listed, because there’s nothing more frightening than having a stranger lurking in the shadows of your home.

3.  Get a fake security camera (or a real one if you’re really serious about protecting your home). Put yourself in that burglar’s shoes. If they see a camera outside your front door, they probably assume that you have a full-blown security system set up. Having a camera that looks real will prevent burglars from even trying. Why would they go through all that trouble when there are hundreds of other homes without those safety features? They are far more likely to rob a home that doesn’t look secure.

Just remember to always lock up your front, side and back doors. And don’t ever leave windows open, no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is. Investing in a real security system can save you many headaches down the road, so if you haven’t already taken that step, make sure you at least make it as hard as possible for any unwanted peeping toms near your precious home and family.