Salt Water Swimming Pool

The saltwater swimming pool is gaining popularity nowadays. It is a pool which uses saltwater rather than the traditional chlorine swimming pool. Salt water pool uses salt water chlorination system. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the harsh chemical contents of chorine. A salt water generator or filtration system converts a regular salt into chlorine. This will keep the water clean and clear and algae free.

What are the benefits of saltwater swimming pools? There can a lot and here are some of the more important benefits of salt water pools:

It benefits the health of the users. Salt water is safe for those who have asthma and those allergic to chlorine.

  • Saltwater is softer to the skin.
  • No more itchy red eyes or flaky dry skin.
  • No more harsh chemical smell of chlorine.
  • Less harsh to the hair.
  • It is cost – effective since Regular salt is cheaper then chlorine
  • Easy maintenance – salt does not evaporate unlike chlorine so you need not apply it regularly.
  • Safe because you don’t have to store and handle dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, algaecides and stabilizers
  • Salt naturally reduces growth of algae.
  • It does not have taste and harsh chemical smell associated with chlorine.
  • Salt will not cause your swimwear to wear and fade fast

The fact the saltwater pools are expensive is just nothing from all these benefits that you can enjoy if you choose these other than the chlorine based pool. Overall, a saltwater pool is a great alternative to the chlorine treated freshwater pool. True that the initial installation costs may be higher but this is usually offset by its low maintenance cost over time.

Think about how you only need to spend one time when you install your pool equipment, but you get to use it for many years. Looking at that perspective makes the purchase worth it. As such, you can see why such pools are becoming much more popular these days. Try to look into installing an above ground pools to get a great backyard.