Bathroom Lighting

Where better to unwind for the days stresses than in a luxurious bath? Bathrooms must be practical places for most of us but with some careful planning you can create the luxury spa in your home with good bathroom lighting.

It’s a good idea first to plan your lighting needs in the bathroom. Rarely will a bathroom ceiling light fulfil any of them. A bathroom needs to give a feeling of light and space, especially as it is usually one of the smaller rooms in the house. Sometimes a bathroom has no exterior light source at all so this is even more important.

You will also need task lighting to use for shaving or applying creams and make up. Finally, for those long luxurious baths you need some lighting to create mood. If you have children, this lighting is great to use at bath times to get the children off to sleep.

Getting the daylight feel to your lighting is best achieved by spreading the light sources around the ceiling with flush mount bathroom ceiling lights. They need to be designed for use around moisture so make sure that you buy the correct type.

If you have a window in the bathroom, keeping the window treatment plain with simply a frosted pane of glass or a roller blind for privacy also maximises the amount of natural daylight available. Keep the wall colour and tiling light and place a large mirror in the bathroom and you’ll get the most light and spacious bathroom possible

Your task lighting needs to be balanced and cast no shadows. An even spread of light around the mirror is the perfect light for shaving or make up application. Bathroom light fixtures for mirrors can be placed just behind the mirror to provide a halo of soft light around the frame. If you want a bit of Hollywood in your bathroom then mirrors with bulbs fitted in the frame are also available.

Your flush mount ceiling lights can be fitted with a dimmer switch to double up as your ambient lighting. Any alcoves in your bathroom can be fitted with bathroom lights or, if your have a plain, unadorned wall it can be washed by an up lighter or ceiling bathroom light fixtures placed close to the wall and directed onto it.

Like your bedroom furniture, your bathroom fittings can be lit to create a focal point. Place a ceiling light above a beautiful shower head and you have a feature in your bathroom lighting scheme.

With a few clever lighting ideas you too can have a dream bathroom at not much expense.