Designing a small bathroom is actually easy, contrary to popular belief

Being small is not a curse. In fact, in some cases, it can actually be a blessing. Having a small workload is nothing to complain about at all, and smaller problems mean less worrying. People today actually like the idea of having everything small and portable. Look at all the small cellular phones and mp3 players in the market, as well as the tablet computers that continually get smaller or thinner by the year. In a certain sense, smaller is better.

This can also apply to your bathroom size. When you have a smaller bathroom, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll be uncomfortable all the time. In fact, it merely points to the fact that you’ll have fewer responsibilities when it comes to designing and maintaining your bathroom. As long as you can comfortably move within your bathroom space and your arms don’t scrape against the walls when you sit on the toilet, your bathroom is never too small.

Some Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

What you want to do, though, with a comfortably small bathroom space is to make it appear cozy. Being cramped or crowded means there are too many objects and components in your bathroom that impedes comfortable movement. Cozy, on the other hand, means you can are snugly held in a comfortable place by similarly comfortable components. I usually associate the word cozy with a huge bed and comforter duo, so I’m guessing it would mean comfortably tight when used in a bathroom setting.

The right components will turn your bathroom from 'cramped' to 'cozy'

As such, you can make your bathroom snug, or comfortably tight, by utilizing fixtures that would make the people using it feel at ease. Instead of using wall to wall tiles, why not try water resistant wallpaper with texture and marine carpeting for your floors. That way, you can be stylish and comfortable without sacrificing the function of having water resistant/proof elements in case something exigent might happen. Besides, these decorative bathroom components would only be used for the bathroom’s anteroom and not the shower space proper, so it wouldn’t be exposed to regularly wet circumstances.

Illusions and Other Ideas for Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces

Another thing you can do for bathroom spaces is to make it appear bigger than it actually is. Try this: instead of evenly distributing the bathroom components (i.e., your toilet, sink, and shower) all over your bathroom space, try putting them clumped by twos and situate the groupings at opposite ends of your space. For example, situate your toilet and sink together but place the shower on the far end of the bathroom. This trick is actually easier to do on smaller bathrooms because the pipe overlays are less likely to be far from each other. As such re-arranging your ‘bathroom furniture’, so to speak, would be easier. In the industry, we refer to this trick as the rule of thirds.


Let your inner interior designer run wild when you design your small bathroom space

Another trick you can do to create the illusion of space in your small bathroom is by appropriating wall size mirrors. Mirrors are very effective because they reflect the other end of the bathroom it is facing, so a person who walks in is given the illusion that the bathroom is twice the size of how big it actually is. Also, a mirror is a very functional wall ornament for your bathroom because you can use it every time you groom or want to focus on a certain body part while you’re in the showering bathing.

The best part about having a small bathroom is that you won’t have to spend much, compared to when you have a bigger bathroom space. Everything you need – mirrors, tiles, wallpaper, carpet – would be less than what you’d normally pay for, so you can get the best variant of any type you need and still be able to save. Do you have small bathroom idea or story you want to share? Drop a line in the comments section below if you do. :)