Bringing back a window glass to its former condition after being broken is easy if done the right way

When you unintentionally look at a glass window, what’s the first thing you see? Do you look at the details on the frame or the way the glass are cut? Ironically when we unintentionally look at a window we don’t really see the window but we see what is beyond it, what is outdoors or what’s on the other side.

The only time we notice the window is when we really want to look at it, to observe its details. Other than that the window is just a bigger crack on the wall allowing us to see beyond. The part of the window that allows us this transparency is the window glass.

No matter how intricate the frames or the structure of the window may be. The materials or the metals for the frames may change but the glass will remain to be the vital material for the windows. Although there are wooden windows where glass is absent, glass windows still have some sort of edge.

There is a disadvantage however when you have glass windows. They are prone to getting shattered if hit hard and they don’t really help when it comes to privacy. This is where reinforcements come in. Window treatments give you the privacy you need and there are steel outdoor grills to protect the window from breaking.

Replacing the Broken Glass

However because of the fragile nature of the window glass and the unpredictability of accidents, we can never tell when a window glass may get broken. When the time comes you should know how to replace these glasses properly so you’ll get the window in good shape soon after the break happened.

Safety First

Begin with wearing safety gloves remember, this is broken glass you’re dealing with. The first thing you will need to do in this process is to remove the broken glass. Along with the glass remove the glazing and clean up the inner surface of the frame. This will allow you to have easy installation.


Next, you will need a measuring tool, tape measure would be best. Measure the inside of the frame. From these measurements you can then order the new glass to install in your window. Ordering a precut window glass will be best especially if this is your first time to repair a broken glass window.

Clean, Prime and Glaze

Apply the primer before applying the glazer. Remember that you’ve already cleaned the surface so the old glazer should be gone by now. Apply the new glazer evenly. Next is you hold up the replacement glass and carefully insert it into the frame. Use a putty knife to guide the glass. Be careful when applying pressure you don’t want the glass to crack or you’ll have to do it all again.

Using a caulk tube, apply the glazer. Be sure to hold the tube in an angle that applies the glazer just below the trim. Uneven or visible glazer won’t be attractive to look at. Finally, apply primer on the frame including the glazer and then apply the final paint. Now you’ve got a window glass as good as new!