enjoy the look and feel of wool rugs in your home

There is a common misconception about what wool truly is. I myself used to think that wool referred to the fabric that comes only from sheep hair. Although sheep would be the popular source, I soon discovered after researching about wool rugs, that wool is a general term for fabric that came from any animal hair.

Moving on to the wool rugs, the reason I was researching on them was because I really wanted to know how come they are very in demand and popular among consumers. I mean, there are so many different kinds of materials that make up the rugs available on the market but the wool rugs will be among the kinds that people will surely have in their homes.

Positive Features

Other than understanding the term “wool” the next thing I learn about this fabric is that it possesses a lot of positive features. I usually hear people say negative feedbacks about wool like how it can be irritating to the skin and eventually it will look like it’s falling apart a strand at a time. But you see, this is another misconception about wool.

Importance of Maintenance

When the wool rugs you have at home are new they look and feel soft and smooth right? But eventually, they begin to have a sort of roughness to them like you’d feel an allergy coming whenever the fabric brushes on your skin, and like I mentioned before, it’s like the hairs are falling off the rug.

Is it the binding and the weaving of the wool? No. It’s actually the care-taking. Cashmere is a very fine fabric used for expensive clothing. It is known for its silk-like texture and its softness, it’s also a kind of wool. So you see, wool on its own is a smooth and soft fabric, but when washed and dried the wrong way, the fabric loses its beauty and other positive features literally go down the drain.

Wool Rugs

This will be a great time for you to recheck the tags on your wool rugs and think about following the washing procedure properly. Remember that wool has a tendency to shrink when put in the dryer and bleaching it may cause it to lose its natural shine. Take proper care of the wool rug and it will lay there looking pretty for you.


You know what else a wool rug is? Wool rugs do not easily absorb water, they also do not easily catch fire, and another thing they don’t find easy doing is getting stained. They do however insulate easily, they are flexible and they can be used for both warm and cold places.

With this, wool rugs will surely warm up or cool down any area of your home. It can be used for even the dirt and stain prone areas of your home like the kitchen and the bathroom. Lay out a wool rug in front of your fireplace or family rooms. Cozy up any area and enjoy soft and smooth wool rugs that are heavy on durability.