enjoy a portable tub anytime, anywhere

My backyard is less than what I hoped for. This is with regards to the space. If I had enough space I’d build a rubble path with exotic plants lining up the edge landscape. The focal point of it other than the rattan conversation area under the vine covered wooden terrace is a hot tub with wooden gutters bordered by large stone for its landscape.

Poor Space

Too bad my outdoor space isn’t as big as my imagination. Since my backyard can only accommodate one function at a time I had to choose the conversation area. I have my living room and all so why not choose the tub right? Well the tub won’t be as used much as the conversation area and my friends and I always have barbeque or pizza parties, best held outdoors.

However despite choosing the conversation area over the tub, I still did not let go of my want to have a hot tub. My alone time equals my spa and relaxation time and nothing beats a soak in a hot tub with scented candles to sooth the senses. So you may be wondering how I can still enjoy the hot tub even when my puny backyard has already been occupied.

Portable Pools

I think we’ve all had the privilege of bathing in an inflatable pool during the summer. When I was a kid I really looked forward to this time when our backyard instantly into a pool. It was fun that literally only required you to “just add water”. Remembering this, I thought I could get a hot tub in the same convenience.

The Softub

And so enter the softub. People can now enjoy hot tubs as much as they enjoyed inflatable pools –as much as their kids still enjoy them. Portable is the best feature of this hot tub. Full features, energy sufficient and affordable makes it even better.

Because it is portable you can take it out only when you need it. This actually gives the softub an advantage over a permanent outdoor hot tub. When the season changes the tub also becomes exposed to elements that can damage it. Covering it may help to keep it clean but temperature seeps through and gets absorbed and can still cause damage one way or another.

Longer Lasting

Being able to keep the tub when you don’t need it helps to make it last longer. Being able to keep the softub also allows us to maximize space. On days when I have friends over my backyard becomes the outdoor conversation area it normally is and on days when I’m free, I easily bring out my softub and have an alone spa moment.

No wonder why Reader’s Digest has awarded it with the Consumer Best Buy Award. I would recommend it, friends who pay me a surprise visit and catches me in the middle of my spa moment have seen how relaxed and enjoyable a softub can be. Spacious or not, a portable softub definitely allows for bigger possibilities.