The first priority would be to ensure bright light for the outside of your home

If you look at the catalogues of most lighting system manufacturers there will be a separate section for outside lights. You might very well wonder why this is necessary, it’s because although the designs and fixtures for the outside may look very similar to the ones for the inside the purpose for which they are used are different and they are therefore made differently.

For example if you take the lights on your stoop, the usual practice is to keep either one bright one or two smaller ones on either side of your door posts. This is basically a personal preference nothing else but if you notice more carefully, the lights on the outside will not be as easy to dismantle as the ones on the inside. In fact even if you want to replace a bulb it will take you longer than changing one indoors. These lamps will also be made in such a way that they are water proof, and even if they are of the pendant type and swing in the breeze are not easily shorted. For this reason the outside light fixtures are usually a little more expensive than comparable ones for the inside.

Most people go with secure wall fittings for their outside because the first priority would be to ensure bright light. The aesthetic aspect is usually not given as much consideration. This is the reason why most of us are impressed when we see pictures of old manor style houses. These houses are very well designed, but they come into their own usually at night because the lighting for the outside has been given a lot of thought. Different effects can be created simply by using different kinds of lighting systems and imaginatively using shadows created to get what you desire.

Doing the outside of your home imaginatively is not a very expensive proposition as most of these fittings are very reasonably priced. In fact if you are looking to get a few of these fixtures the internet is a good place to check because you will not only be able to browse through entire catalogues from the comfort of your home, you will also be able to get great deals if you want to purchase from an online store.