Ergonomic office chairs better support our body and avoid back pains and muscles aches.

Smart people today invest in a well built ergonomic office chair like Herman Miller Aeron chair even though it may be bit more expensive than normal office armless chairs. This is due to better support their body and avoid back pains and muscles aches. This is becoming a major trend in the business world today as a great deal of time is spent in front of a computer. So if you are looking for a well designed and supportive ergonomic chair and would like to know what features a chair of this kind should have, here are some tips for choosing the best office chair.

1 You must be able to adjust the seat height and angle of the chair
2 The seat must have enough width and depth
3 Ability to tilt and adjust the height of the backrest of the chair to fit the spine curve
4 There should be adequate support for the lower back
5 The armrests should also be adjustable
6 It should be a swivel chair
7 Casters should glide easily without sticking
8 The fabric must allow for air circulation

In order to determine a chair is ergonomically designed a chair has to meed the above outlined standard official guidelines. Today in the market their a few chairs for sale that meet these healthy ergonomic chair design standard. The Herman Millar Aeron chair mentioned earlier is one of them. Humnscale Freedom ergonomic chair and the Steelcase Leap chair also meet these guidelines. In fact, these 3 chairs have exceeded the guidelines for ergonomic chairs and have incorporated several innovative technologies in their office chair designs and materials for much greater comfort and body alignment of the user.

However, it is you have to keep in mind that no matter how ergonomic and advanced the chair is, if you do not adjust it properly, it won’t offer any of the ergonomic benefits to you. The chair will need a few days of getting used to and adjusting the various controls for it to suit your body exactly. Some ergonomic chair stores even offer a trail period for buyers to take the chair home and see if it suits them. This is very beneficial, because usually it takes some time before you can decide which is the healthiest and suitable chair model for you and you should try to locate should a store and take advantage of it.