Some electric mattress pads have heat controls that could let you turn the heat off and on.

Have you ever considered an electric pad as a way to help with the arthritis pain that you suffer from? When I am placed in a cold environment my arthritis really starts acting up. I have to use heat wraps and other contraptions to be able to make the pain go away. One day one of my friends suggested to me that I try an electric blanked on my bed. I liked the sound of that so I gave it a try. Then I had another friend that suggested I try an electric pad on my bed. Well, the thought of that sounded good too, so I just had to give it a try. However, I did not know what to look for when I began shopping, and there were so many different options to choose from that I had a hard time buying one. I figured I would leave a few tips for others so that they would not have as hard of a time as I did.

One thing that I noticed when I was looking at all of the mattress pads that were available was all of the different features. There were ones that had dual heat controls so that if you were in bed with someone else and they did not want to be warm or have arthritis problems like you then they could turn their heat off and not have to worry with it. There were also ones that were thicker than others which provide different comfort levels. These are the two things that I narrowed it down to when I was trying to decide on which one to buy.

There are a lot of other features that an electric mattress pad has that you can choose from besides the ones mentioned here. I have to say that since I got myself one of these, I have not gotten into a cold bed yet and my arthritis has cleared up at night and I do not hurt anymore. If you have the same problem that I did, I highly recommend you buy one of these mattress pads for your bed.