Twin mattresses are not only convenient but they are just as reliable and comfortable as any mattress can be.

During the all holiday seasons, just about everyone has unexpected family guests arriving with nowhere for them to sleep. Hotels and motels will be filled up and that could create a problem for your guests, so what would you do? One of the easiest and quickest solutions is to have a spare set of twin mattresses that can be easily stored there in your home when not needed.

Twin mattresses are not only convenient but since they’re manufactured in the same way as the larger full-sized mattresses, they are just as reliable and comfortable as any mattress can be. They could be easily be stored underneath an existing bed so that when you need them in just minutes you can have an extra bed set up for an unexpected guest. This is one of the best perks about the twin mattress; its functionality.

Some people have rollaway beds and then there is that heavy uncomfortable sofa bed. So the beds are not only heavy but since they only have the one mattress that is usually thin and can be very uncomfortable to your back to sleep on. If you ever slept on one then you know what I’m talking about and sleeping on the floor is just as comfortable as a sofa bed and a rollaway bed.

Even if you could find a hotel room the cost now is outstanding if you get a decent one and if it is more than just one night than the cost could pay for the twin mattresses themselves. Since twin sized mattresses are smaller then that means the cost is smaller also and with the convenience they can bring they are always available when you need them the most and that makes them very cost-effective.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the couch that your guests would otherwise be sleeping on, there are many twin mattress sets under $100 that they’ll be very comfortable with. Do yourself and your guests a favor and look into them!