It is a well know fact that by increasing your excess you will reduce your monthly premium.

For all you homeowners that have a garden you’ll be pleased to know that your land, garden area, plants, shrubs, hedges, trees and lawn should be covered under your buildings insurance policy for loss or damage.

Your home insurance policy or buildings cover will protect your garden and home against fire, smoke, lightning and earthquake. You’ll also be covered for theft and attempted theft, plus malicious damage or vandalism. Most policies will cover the average garden for its contents which includes walls, driveway and fences for up to 2,000 pounds. Of course you’ll have to pay your agreed excess contribution to the insurer for the claim to go through. It is perhaps a good idea to check to see what cover you have got and the amount, so go and look at your terms and conditions of your buildings and contents insurance cover.

You should also look and see what exclusions there are for cover. Some policies will not pay out for smoke pollution and if the property and has left with no one living in it for a period of time.

A good way to get you savings when you decide to switch your home insurance policy to another provider is to increase the excess on the policy to a higher monetary value. It is a well know fact that by increasing your excess you will reduce your monthly premium. This does mean however that when a claim is being filed you will have to pay the excess for the insurer to fix the damage to your garden. Post Office home insurance and Marks and Spencer home insurance can offer you fanastic cover for your garden and its contents.

Aim to secure your property and garden putting lock and bolts on all external doors and windows. Make sure your garden gates have a bolted lock and you land area is surround by a high fence to stop intruders gaining access o your garden and home. A burglar alarm is a very good idea and can protect your home and your garden. Some homeowners even put an alarm in their shed to stop thieves stealing their garden equipment and tools.