If the leak is at a sink, toilet, or washing machine the turn off valves are nearby.

Having a pipe spring a leak can be a costly situation. Knowing what to do when it occurs can help save some damage. If you don’t have a plumber you know and trust, you will need to find one quickly. Searching online for a plumber in Louisville KY will give you more choices than you can comprehend.

First things first, the water needs to be shut off. If the leak is at a sink, toilet, or washing machine the turn off valves are nearby. You should see a T-handle or rotary handle; turn this to the right until the water stops.

Okay, if that didn’t work you will have to turn the main water to the house off. This will be located either at a hose bib outside your house (usually in the front of the house). It could also be in your basement, garage, or in a utility closet. Assuming you don’t have a leak right now, go and find the main shut off.

Knowing where and how to turn off water throughout your home can save you a lot of trouble. Broken pipes can spew out 30 gallons of water in a couple of minutes. For a better visual, that is a full bathtub of water.

Some of the best money you can spend is when paying for a licensed, bonded, and insured, plumbing, electrician, and HVAC contractor. Most likely, you will have recourse if shoddy work is done. However, as a license can be pulled the likelihood of shoddy work is decreased when a company has taken the time to meet these standards.

Being prepared before an emergency often makes the event less traumatic. Browse online for a plumber in Louisville KY. Call and talk to them about their company history, and if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Find out their normal and emergency rates. Now, put the number in your phone.