Bunk beds have something about them that evokes a feeling of coziness and sharing of secrets.

As an adult looking at bunk beds for kids, it makes me wish I could have had them when I was a child. All those overnights with friends who were forced to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag – not the worst, but it would have been easier for all concerned if bunk beds were in the picture.

Plus, bunk beds have something about them that evokes a feeling of coziness and sharing of secrets. The bed frames come in just about any color, or they can be painted up in any fashion by the kids themselves.

For a private retreat, drapes in the form of netting or colorful sheeting can be hung on a ceiling track to surround the bed at night, and then left open during the day. The wall next to the bunk beds can be used for taping up favorite pictures to look at while in bed, and individual lighting for nighttime reading can be placed within easy reach.

Bunk Bed Choices for Girls and Boys

For girls specifically, a Hannah Twin over Twin Bunk Bed painted bright white with pastel-colored bedding would be a feminine and inviting haven to both little girls and older ones alike. This set comes with guard rails, a ladder and two Bunkie boards. (A Bunkie board is a foundation for the mattress in a bunk bed, much like a box spring but thinner.)

For boys, a Columbia Mission Style Twin over Twin Bunk Bed comes in three different finishes and is both classic looking and masculine. When little boys become young men, this style will still be appropriate and will be even into adulthood. This beautiful set comes with 2 free mattresses, a ladder and optional under bed drawers, or trundle bed.

Bunk beds for kids are not only space saving, but offer many other social benefits that your children will appreciate. As for the price, you are getting a bargain in two quality beds that can be separated later if desired when your children are older.