Modern fireplace mirror to spruce up your home in a fashionable way

Lounge dens were a bit of an ‘80’s revival of the traditional family room and despite the recent favour for open plan living, modern designers are starting to appreciate the benefits of a cosy nook where you can escape with or from the family. Before you start to plan your very own hideaway here are a few points to consider in concept, design and furnishings.

Size and style

Size may not be up for debate, but if it is consider the kind of environment you want to create – a clean fresh escape or a cosy, comfy sanctuary. Don’t feel limited by your specifications, there are lots of tricks of the trade to create a sense of space for restricted rooms and instill intimacy in vast dimensions. If a separate room isn’t even an option, furniture and drapes are a good way to section off some space from an existing room.


The purpose of your den will dictate both furniture and accessories – once you’ve decided whether the room is to be a retreat from teenage children or homage to family values you’ll be able to move forward with regard to both design and finish.


Utilizing modern corner sofas for your Den can be a great idea

Deep, luxurious fabrics will go a long way in creating a sense of relaxation, whilst colours will enhance the environment. Thick pile rugs, cushions and full curtains soften the edges of a room, whilst choice of sofa and chairs can also be used to enhance your choice of activities – a high backed chair is great for reading; deep, low sofas are perfect for watching movies.


A cosy den should have low level lighting, either by using dimmer switches or spot and tabletop lamps strategically placed around the room. Using coloured shades and bulbs is also a great way to create a sense of warmth.

Accessories and entertainment

Traditionally the ‘den’ was where the entertainment systems were hidden – the modern den can accommodate anything to create the space you need – integrated shelving for book collections, projector screens for cinema style movie nights, sound proofing for huge sound systems, or an open fire for simple evenings by the fire.