You will want to make sure the pole is one third into the ground so it will be very stable.

If you are a person who resides out in the country area, then you will want to have some utility poles erected. In most cases this will be for the purpose of mounting some security lighting. If you are in this situation and are wanting to put up a utility pole, then here are some information on how to put these poles in the ground and the equipment that is needed for this task.

When you are ready to begin, then you shall want to choose a spot where you want the pole placed. You will want to make sure the pole is one third into the ground so it will be very stable. This will really depend on the height of the pole. You shall need to dig a hole with a post hole digger, a rented power auger, shovel and anything else that is affordable for you to complete this job.

Be sure to line a side a pole with some two by six boards, then hammer them securely into the ground. These boards will be the backstop for these poles. Then you will want to dig a shallow trough, which will lead right away from each of the boards lined sides. This shall be a sloped track which a pole will then pulled down to the holes.

Now be sure that this pole is positioned with the base pointing towards each hole and is in line with the slope. Connect a chain right at the top of each pole, then be sure to securely wrap it several times around so to have a good hold. Start to pull your pole right down the slope and then into each hole. It is a good idea to have someone to help guide the progress of this pole with another board or even short pole.

Then the top of this pole will lift up to the air when it begins to move down to the slope and then into the hole. After these poles hit the boards then it shall start to lift as the chain will continue to pull. When the pole gets over top of the hole it shall then drop right down into the hole. You need only to then remove the boards and level this pole and then just fill the hole rocks, dirt or even concrete. And this shall complete the task of installing a utility pole