Minimalist wooden stool for your kitchen

Kitchen Stools come in many different styles and designs, providing a special touch to the chosen environment.

First of all, you will need to consider the seat finish. Faux leather is the most popular seat material due to its durability and fashionable looking finish, making it an ideal choice in a kitchen or bar environment. Although there is no compromise on style with a stool covered in faux leather, some people still favour a real leather covering, adding a certain class and luxurious finish.

For those looking for a more retro design, an ABS seat would be the perfect option. This high gloss finish is of a sharp, clean appearance and will look good in any contemporary kitchen. The nature of the material is also perfect for those with young families, as it is particularly easy to clean.

Wooden Stools

In a more traditional setting, a wooden stool would be the perfect addition. Stools with a wooden framework give a certain traditional look, whether it is in a kitchen or classically styled study. There are many options for you to choose from when selecting a wooden stool; from variable to fixed height, frame finish and the option of faux or real leather padding.

The next thing to think about would be the type of framework. This is mainly a choice between chrome, brushed steel or wooden finish. The most widely available would be the polished chrome finish, this being a popular choice as the shine gives a clean, reflective appearance. Although this is the first choice for most people, the brushed steel finish is becoming ever increasingly popular. This is due to it being recognised as a more stylish finish. A brushed or satin finish gives a sophisticated look that also matches the kitchen appliances. Wooden framework is generally used on all wooden styled stools, or those with a faux leather seat or backrest. However, a mix of chrome framework and a wooden/faux leather seat will add a unique touch.

Swivel, Angle and Fixed Height Stools

Another thing that determines the type of stool, is whether it has a gas lift mechanism, or is at a fixed height. The stools with a fixed height tend to be on 4 legs, and are generally of a very stable nature. A gas lift mechanism is useful for those with young families, as they usually require each stool to be set at a different height. This can also be beneficial when the work surface height is a little lower than average, as the stool can be adjusted to suit the required needs. Most of those stools with a gas lift mechanism also have the added benefit of a 360 degree swivel, giving you the convenience of moving around without actually picking up or changing the angle of the chair.

There are also various aspects to consider regarding the comfort of a stool, and there a variety of different types available. A stool with a backrest will obviously add more support, and would be particularly suitable for use over longer periods of time. These styles are most commonly accompanied with a padded seat which will also increase the level of comfort. However, even an un-padded seat with a backrest can still give good support, and with the addition of armrests there will be no compromise on comfort.