Stainless Steel Hinge

Spring loaded hinges provide flexibility and movement for a number of products including doors, sunglasses and fire doors for example. A spring hinge attaches to a door and jamb or the item that requires movement when opening and closing. The hinge creates the energy required to close or quickly open the door depending on the type of installation. Several types of spring loaded hinges are available and range in size, shape and finish. They are used substantially to convert regular doors to self-closing doors. The hinge can be easily replaced by removing, measuring and matching the screw locations for an existing installation.

Manufacturers create several different types and even provide customization services. Residential and commercial properties require the installation of door hardware, which makes the selection rather large.

Residential grade products work well for standard doors leading into the home and rooms. Screen door hinges provide an opportunity for specialized hinges that may incorporate decoration like scalloped edges. In addition, a residence may require gate hinges that automatically close or provide some energy when opening a heavy gate.

Commercial applications–in restaurant kitchens, for example–may require a more substantial installation such as a pivot spring hinges. As a result of the number of applications, several options exist for selecting the appropriate hardware.

Single acting spring hinges help to convert a regular door installation into a self-closing door. The double-acting type allows a door to open one hundred eighty degrees.

Sizing and Design
Hinges come in a number of sizes and configurations. Standard hinges are typically four inches by four inches square or three and a half inches and provide several locations to insert screws. Hinges that are more specialized can range in size and shape as they are designed for a specific application. For example, the hinge on a screen door is typically more visible than regular doors. As a result, installation of a decorative hinge adds an aesthetic touch.

Hinges are an important part of door installation in commercial and residential buildings. While they typically go unnoticed, they play an integral part in creating convenient accessibility options. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, which ensures they fit neatly into their environment. Standard, single acting and double acting are some examples of type and they each serve a very specific purpose. Matching the size and screw locations is important to ensuring a smooth replacement of existing hardware.