the success of kitchen cabinet refacing will also depend on the quality of the materials used

At you’ll find all the cabinet refacing products and tools you will need. From materials for the cabinet doors to the hinges to bring the different parts together, this site has it all. Without these parts it would be impossible to finish the whole refacing project.

Kitchen Cabinets

Among the different cabinets in the house the kitchen is usually one of those which are exposed to damage causing elements. Kitchen cabinets store food and dining ware. The atmosphere on the kitchen is not quite friendly on wooden cabinets and so it is easy for these cabinets to be worn and damaged.

The food stored in these cabinets also attracts insects and vermin which will destroy the cabinets especially when they build their nests, lay eggs and literally live in these cabinets. There are ways to prevent these from happening but eventually other elements like the heat and the moist in the kitchen can and will eventually lead you to need a kitchen cabinet refacing.

Getting to Know the Materials

To complete the refacing project you will need to understand what the different materials for refacing are for. By knowing this, you will be effectively go through the project and use these materials as they should be used in the kitchen cabinet refacing project.

The Veneer

Let’s start with the interior of the cabinets. The veneer will be used for this. The veneer is a thin sheet of wood, thinner than plywood. The veneer is used for lining the interior of the cabinet. This is so the cabinet will have a fresh surface and a better base for the other attachments such as the cabinet doors.

Cabinet Doors and Hinges

The cabinet doors are connected to the body of the cabinet using hinges. Hinges today have a better grip on the doors. They also allow you to control the swing of the door when you close or open the cabinet.

The cabinet doors are probably the main element of this project. Improving the cabinet door is literally refacing the cabinet. There are other materials other than wood that make up these cabinet doors. Other than the doors the drawers will also need to put their best faces forward.

Drawer Fronts

There are drawer fronts that are used on the front of the drawer to make the drawers look presentable. They can be screwed in on the drawer boxes to make the drawers look presentable and to have a place to screw in the handle for pulling out the drawers.


Another material you will need to make the kitchen cabinets looking stylish and new are the wooden moldings. These are borders that can be placed around the cabinets to further highlight them and create a continuous and consistent look for the rest of the cabinets.

These materials for refacing the kitchen cabinet are only basic however they are very essential. Without these materials it would be difficult to reface your kitchen cabinets. Know their roles and understand how to use them for refacing so you will achieve the newly refaced kitchen cabinets you desire.