Carpets are more than just a piece of household decorative

Carpets are more than just a piece of household decorative. They are a work of art and enhance the glamour quotient of your house. But a commercial twist to this artsy proposition is that carpet pricing follows a formula. You may choose to buy a carpet without bothering to save money, but some extravagances can be plain stupid.

Before you buy a carpet, whether traditional rolled indoor or outdoor carpet, be informed that no two carpets are made equal. And hence you have to choose your own piece carefully. Don‘t be distracted by easy bargains and deceptive offers. While some sales men will try to convince you aggressively, some others will offer irresistible deals. While this will annoy the sales men as usual, but you should weigh your options carefully and stay grounded. Ultimately it’s your money that’s at the stake.

A brand new carpet may be priced around $5 per square yard. Add $5 more for padding (unless looking at outdoor carpet tiles) and another $5 for installation. All these add up to $15 per square yard. This is the simplest carpet pricing equation that you need to follow. Don’t allow the sales person to assume that you are a complete novice as he might take advantage of this. Now you may ask what is padding. It is the layer between the floor and the carpet that protects the carpet on one hand, while on the other; it provides insulation to the carpet which is also very important. Additionally it may help in absorbing noise.

Given these advices, don’t let the carpet pricing formula be the sole logic behind your carpet purchase. Give preference to the wishes of your family members, their taste and off course your own. If you don’t, then you might end up owning a carpet which you bought at the best price, but you just can’t like it.

It is most certainly wise to look out for deals and offers, especially the seasonal ones. If your timing is perfect, you might end up buying the same carpet you fell in love with at the carpet store, but at a much reduced price than what was printed on its tag.

Always remember also when shopping online for carpet and flooring, these items weigh a lot and many times the shipping costs can far outweigh any perceived savings you’re getting on per foot bases.