Blue kitchen decor can seem a little bit cold and impersonal

Blue kitchen decor can seem a little bit cold and impersonal. This is why it’s such a great idea to really pair it with a Spanish or Mexican kind of design. These use a lot of bright colors and are a pretty inexpensive way to decorate. It’s also something that you won’t find in everyone else’s home. Since it does use so many warm colors it can really be one of the truly inviting ways to use this color.

Bring in a lot of iron black kitchen accessories. This could be something simple like your fruit bowl. You can also find a lot of different glass topped dining sets. There are even barstools of this variety. This is going to help ground the room. Of course you need to make sure that the blue that you use is bold enough that it’s still going to coordinate well with black. You don’t want a navy blue. Instead you want a colbalt blue which is deep but it also is vibrant at the same time.

Try going with a mosaic. You can use this on your backsplash or just your plates. This is an opportunity to add in a lot of different colors so that the blue doesn’t overtake your space. Of course, you can get the traditional kind of mosaic with a lot of broken and shattered pieces. A more modern version just uses a lot of different colors of tiles in a nonrepeating pattern. This allows you to take basic inexpensive ceramic tiles in a standard size and really turn it into something special because you make your very own color palette.

The combination of black and blue can feel a little bit heavy. This is why it’s important to bring in stainless steel. Traditionally stainless steel would be a little bit contemporary and modern so you’re going to have to change up how you bring it in. For instance you could go with a pressed tin on your ceiling. You can also continue this theme onto your mirrors. This is going to add in a lot of decorative accessories that will still tie back with your expensive appliances.

You’ll really want to maintain a balance in the space. It’s a pretty wise decision to go with more of a neutral kind of cabinet. You’ll be using bold colors throughout the room. This is why it’s so important to just get lasting pieces especially on the most expensive items in the room you can go with a rich wood tone. If you buy this new then look for a knotty pine or something that has a little bit of a rustic air for more of an elegant look. You can go with a darker stain in this wood tone for a more updated look.