Venetian blinds, you just need to angle the slats to allow light in all the way or just a little

Until you have experienced magic blinds, you won’t know how simply wonderful they are. Magic blinds could be considered a better choice than curtains; they function like curtains, but offer much more. Unlike curtains, their ability to be adjusted in order to allow the amount of sunlight and fresh air you want into a room is a true advantage. But the best reason of all is their hassle-free installation—this is the magic behind these blinds. Their self-locking mechanism puts them ahead of the pack. Putting these blinds up is just a matter of snapping them onto your curtain rods and then just stepping back to admire their beauty and how they instantly give your room more class.

When buying magic blinds, you should at least know the different styles that you can choose from. The three most popular are Thai magic blinds, Venetian, and Roman. If you are attracted to the look of Roman shades then you will enjoy Thai and Roman blinds. Thai blinds are made from 100% cotton which is able to block a good amount of sunlight. Venetian blinds are those with multiple horizontal slats that you can open or close. These are made of either aluminum or faux wood. All three styles provide a sophisticated look. Choosing would depend on your preference. Keep in mind that you need to get a size larger than your window dimensions. This is to ensure that no sunlight will peek out the sides and bottom of the blinds. This will also make your windows appear larger.

Installing them is incredibly easy. These blinds are made with self-locking mechanisms that makes putting them up pretty straight forward. All it takes is just positioning them properly on the curtain rod and then locking them in place using their special mechanism. That’s it! This is the main reason why a lot of customers prefer buying these blinds. It’s not time-consuming to have them up.

Once your blinds are up, you can either have them completely closed to have your privacy or adjust them so that sunlight may enter. For Venetian blinds, you just need to angle the slats to allow light in all the way or just a little. It is the same with Roman or Thai blinds; raise the blinds depending on how much light you want in.

Magic blinds are becoming must-have window treatment nowadays. Their fashionable styles and make give any room a more contemporary and elegant look. Best of all, they’re a breeze to put up.